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TERMS and CONDITIONS ie Legal Stuff: All songs/tracks are free to download and are available on a non-exclusive basis to any person or organisation who are recording and performing artists, filmmakers, producers, DJ's,  broadcasters, music publishers, labels, librarys or content creators to use as part of their own collection of works or recordings, or as part of their own discography set, or their own production library, either using my pre-recorded material or stems and samples or your own recorded version or as part of a your performance repertoire, or backing tracks or as musical scores for your content creations.

There is NO upfront costs or sync fees needed. The only requirement is to register a re-titled deriviative track (ie your chosen title for the song) with your Performance Royality Organistion (PRO) in your country of registration and/or with your online distributer, ie Cd Baby, Ditto, Distro Kid, Tunecore, Too Lost, Symphonic, etc; you must credit Xrash Gates aka Crash Gates as your 50% co-songwriter / author / creator.  And of course you take 50% of the writer's share either as the performance artist or as the promotions/management organisation or as a library or as a label or as a sub publisher or as any other royality entitled party to the agreement you wish to nominate.

Plus the remaining 100% of publisher's share is to be allocated to the person, organisation or legal team, that can take you and the track to the "Land of Billboard" ie TOP100 Billboard Charts. 

Please note; If you require any alterntive arrangements, such as exclusivity or for any new alt writers/publisher splits either for any additional partners or for fairness and equity or to match other industry norms, or if you need the specific track stems for creating your own alt mixes, please feel welcome to contact me via my email link and I would be happy to consider any reasonable request or any custom ideas you may have.